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Why Choose Us

Sapiens5. is specialized in science and AI-based real-time interactive systems for virtual and augmented reality, ambient and wearable sensors, robotics, machine perception, cognitive processes, and user experience.

Our Philosophy

We want to provide effective solutions for health care, educational and cultural program to improve the human condition.

What drives Us

Digital technologies are changing health care, learning tools user and experience. Sapiens5. is at center of this evolution, bringing unique science-based and evidence-based solutions

We are a Vibrant Professional Team

Our team has expertise in different domains which include interactive technologies for neurorehabilitation, research tools in neuroscience and humanities, human-robot interaction.

Santiago Brandi


Colin Bartel

Interim CFO

Pedo Omedas

Senior Technical Advisor

Sytse Wierenga

Digital Heritage Lead

Anna Mura

Senior Communication advisor

Paul Verschure

Senior Scientific Advisor