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Introducing Digital Health Care Products for Neurorehabilitation

Science-based neuro-rehabilitation for effective and functional recovery of motor and cognitive function after brain damage. The RGS product is tailored to the specific needs of each individual patient, from the acute to the chronic phase after brain damage.

Designed For The Needs of Each Patient

- RGS is Engaging.
- RGS provides an Adaptive Therapy.
- RGS promotes the Patient Autonomy.

Why Choose the RGS Product?

- RGS is clinically validated.
- RGS is cost-effective.

RGS Technology

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Some of this work is being done in conjunction with the Real-Time. ​

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A product runs equally well across more than one platform.

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Clinically Approved

RGS has been validated by neuroscience experts and clinicians in several hospitals. RGS has a Class I Medical device certification.

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A handheld power tool is by definition on the edge of the network.

The RGS rehabilitation systems developed by technology provider Eodyne