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Introducing Digital Heritage

The products under this section focus on preserving the history and further presenting in a way that is more comprehensible. We believe, now we are entering the post witness era we have to resort to advanced technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality to make the sites themselves become the portal to the historical sources.

Saving the Past -
Saving the Future

The products are designed for preserving the history. Many people in the past experienced the atrocities of War, the virtual reconstruction brings the past to the present via Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Digital Education

The applications offer a wide range of prospects like learning about the history of Falstad Centre. The app provides high levels of graphical details and also the ability to enter the virtual buildings and comprises phase one of a longer collaboration.

Digital Culture

A virtual reconstruction of Jasenovac Memorial represents the former Ustasha concentration camp and killing site “Jasenovac III Brickworks”.

Digital Heritage

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Some of this work is being done in conjunction with the Real-Time. ​

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A product runs equally well across more than one platform.

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AI and cloud-native applications, IoT, and it's billions of sensors.​

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A handheld power tool is by definition on the edge of the network.

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