Cloud and edge computing for interactive technologies

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Cloud and edge computing for interactive technologies

Recent advances in AI make it feasible to provide intelligent support in the educational domain and for learners.

Looking at AI-focused

The applications of GANs is rising and so is the risk of misinformation spread through their use. In this day and age when fake content is so prevalent, GANs pose a significant challenge to the efforts already underway to combat misinformation. This X does not exist is a website which compiles a list of popular GANs. Most…

Personalized interactive technology

Working in close partnership with Moorfields, we have developed AI technology which we hope could improve the way eye diseases are diagnosed and treated and could ultimately help the millions of people across the globe affected by preventable or curable sight loss.

Using AI for neuro-rehabilitation solutions

Kroger, one of America’s largest grocery chains, has decided to embrace technology to help it survive and thrive in the 4th industrial revolution. With 2,782 grocery stores under nearly two dozen names in 35 states, Kroger plans to leverage its data, shopper insights and scale to help it remain a leader in the marketplace of…

Digital technology for the 5th industrial revolution

We are experiencing an increase in the use of personalized digital technology. To make full use of this technology, it is essential to understand emerging challenges and opportunities.


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